It All Adds Up…

Sure, you only stop at Dunkin’ Donuts once every other day and you only buy a pack of gum once a week, but when you’re spending a dollar here and a dollar there, it tends to add up. Even when you’re grocery shopping at inexpensive grocery store alternatives such as Wal-Mart, the dollar cans of beans and bananas for 85 cents a pound that you pile in your cart can quickly break the bank.


It may seem like common sense and not even worth mentioning, but keeping track of your money is KEY to keeping your money! For those of you who are already conscious about your spending habits…::thumbs up::

For those of you who are like me and rarely ever even bother to check your balance either out of pure laziness or the fact that you’re trying to avoid being reduced to tears…don’t fear.

I found a great budgeting worksheet that’s absolutely perfect for college students. It breaks down all of your spendings into categories to make it much much easier for you to keep track of your money and plan ahead. The only trick is keeping on top of it.

Let me know what you think!


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