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    Cheap and Eco-Friendly Too

    Every year, Americans buy about 28 billion plastic water bottles.

    Five of them are sitting on my windowsill–half empty. Yes, I say half empty because there really is no optimism in this at all. I wasted water. I wasted money. All on something that flows freely from the tap in the kitchen.

    There is the convenience of grabbing a Poland Spring bottle in the morning and throwing it out when I finish it in class but when it comes down to it, there’s things I would rather be spending my money on than something I can get for free.

    One of the biggest reasons people choose to buy water is that they think it’s cleaner and healthier than regular old tap water. In fact, there have been tests that prove this assumption wrong. The popular ABC program “20/20” sent five different brand name water bottles and a bottle of water collected from a fountain in the middle of NYC to a microbiologist to be tested for bacteria. The findings? The NYC tap water was just as clean and healthy as the bottled stuff. See John Stossel’s article for more information.

    Not only do the billions of bottles we use each year hurt the environment by adding up in the landfills, but the production and shipping harms it as well. Many restaurants have stopped serving bottled water in an effort to improve the situation. Not convinced? Watch the video…

    Katie Couric reports that tap water in many cases may be even healthier than bottled. The fluoride that comes from tap H2O is healthy for children. Watch this too…

    The solution is easy enough–invest in a reusable water bottle, get a Brita filter,  fill up from the water fountain or a sink. You thought of it before, but how about actually trying it? You’ll be surprised just how quickly those few extra bucks a week add up. Beer money, anyone?

    If you can’t seem to part with your .5 liters, start collecting! You can turn in your empties at the grocery store and get a few cents back for what you spend. Five cents here and five cents there might not seem like a lot but over a few weeks (and if you take the neighbors) you can use that refund money toward groceries.

    Try it! What do you have to lose?


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    1. Nice mix of text, links, photos and video. Good job!

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