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    Spiff Up Your Space

    So, you’ve been living in your dorm or apartment for a couple of months now, but does it really feel like home? Plain white, undecorated walls, uncovered floors…so boring! Or maybe you’ve already decorated your space but you want to make it even better. I’ve got some ideas for you…on a budget, of course.

    1. WALLS!

    If you live in a dorm room, it may or may not be possible to paint your walls, but many apartment complexes let you paint, as long as you return it to its original color when you move out. Just adding a little bit of color can make a world of difference. You can buy a can of paint for around $25 to $30 (plus a roller, tarp to protect your floor, paint pan, a small brush and painter’s tape for just a few extra dollars). If you want to use even less paint (and if you’re lazy), experiment with accent walls. Try painting two walls that are next to each other to create a colorful backdrop or focal point in your room. My roommates and I painted our living room this way and it worked so well I painted my bedroom like this too! To tie everything together try using colorful picture frames or posters on the white wall that are similar or compliment the paint color you chose.

    If you aren’t allowed to paint or it’s a little more time and money than you’d like to spend, you can purchase sheer floor length curtains for just a few dollars at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Place temporary plastic sticky hooks on the wall, along the top near the ceiling and hang several curtains to soften the room or add color to the walls.

    Soften your harsh white walls by hanging curtains or sheers.

    Soften your harsh white walls by hanging curtains or sheers.

    You can find some relatively inexpensive posters online or in bargain stores. If you don’t want to buy new ones, try swapping with friends. And if you want to make them look even snazzier, frame them for just a few extra dollars.

    2. FLOOR!

    Never underestimate the effect an area rug can have on a room. You can find rugs at Wal-Mart for as low as $20. Not only does it really bring everything in the room together, but it adds color and makes everything more comfortable, especially if you have those plastic-like floor tiles that a lot of dorm rooms have.

    Mainstays rug from Wal-Mart

    Mainstays rug from Wal-Mart

    3. PICTURES!

    You’ve got a ton of pictures of you, your friends and your family on Facebook, so why not put them on display in your living space? Save a few of your favorites to a flash drive and bring them to your nearest CVS to print for just a few cents each. You can find cheap frames anywhere or even cut colorful pieces of construction paper to tape behind the photos. My roommates and I bought cheap frames at Ikea and painted designs on them to match the rest of the decor in our living room.


    Use your imagination to decorate your space in a unique way. Last year, my roommate and I bought a rug for our dorm room. We took the cardboard roll from the middle of the rug, cut green poster board into leaves and created a palm tree. We wrapped the trunk in Christmas lights and immediately had a creative and decorative conversation starter for our room. This is the best picture I have:
    palm tree

    Share your ideas!


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    1. Good stuff! Put more links into your posts!

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