Buying in Bulk

While moseying down the aisles of Costco earlier today, past the buckets of nacho cheese sauce, 50-packs of cup noodles,15005922-nissan-cup-o-noodle-chkn and more Pirate’s Bootypiratebootythan you could ever eat, I realized that buying bulk, just might be the way to go. You might be shelling out a bit more for ketchup that you do on a average trip to any grocery store, but I mean, come on….it’s a bucket of ketchup. It’s going to last you a lot longer and be a lot cheaper in the long run than buying several of those skimpier bottles. Troughs full of condiments aren’t the only thing worth buying. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels and other items you use on a daily or almost daily basis are good to buy in bulk as well. Worth the few extra bucks in the mean time? I’d say so. My word not enough to convince you? Click it.

So, if you happen to find a few extra dollars in your pocket when you break out your winter jacket from last year, think about putting it toward a trip to a wholesale store like Costco or BJ’s.

The free samples aren’t bad either!


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