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    ME, CT 5¢ Refund

    It’s Sunday morning and you wake up with a yawn and a stretch and peel back the curtains only to find that the quad is filled with empty beer cans and Poland Spring bottles filled with a few remaining sips of last night’s vodka. You could wait for someone else to pick up the eyesore….or you could use it to your advantage.

    On any typical college campus, there is bound to be a disturbing number of empties strewn all over the ground after a weekend of heavy partying. Waking up to beat the early risers to the cleanup may be the last thing you’re thinking of doing, especially if you were one of those that contributed to the alcohol remnants, but it may be worth the hassle. You can always go back to bed after, eh?

    Get a trash can just to collect the cans and bottles, or just stuff them in a garbage bag until you get a chance to go to the grocery store to deposit them. You may want to keep them in a closed container or hidden in a closet so they don’t smell or add clutter to your living space.
    This guy is just angry don’t listen to him; he doesn’t know what he’s talking about: (but watch it cause it’s funny.)

    To get more information about bottle bills in your area, click here. You’re extra lucky now because as of October 1, water bottles became redeemable in CT.


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