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Light’s Out!

One of the last things you want to spend your hard-earned money on is electricity, but still, every month, that bill shows up in your mailbox. The money adds up.

Here’s a few tips to help you cut back on your electricity use:

1. Make sure everything is turned off when you leave!
Before you lock up and leave for class for the day, double check to make sure all the lights are out in your apartment or dorm (closet lights too!) With just a flick of the switch, you can save yourself a whole lot of money. Turn off all television and air conditioners too. Always make sure your stove is shut off immediately after you’re done cooking–this is not only to save electricity, but it’s a safety issue too.

universal-mobile-phone-charger2. Unplug phone chargers and computer chargers from the wall, even if they’re not plugged into the electronics. They still use small amounts of electricity even when they are not in use.


3. Use energy saving lightbulbs. You can find some here. These bulbs use 3/4 the amount of electricity as regular bulbs, last 10 times longer and emit the same amount of light. It’s cheaper; it’s better for the environment–what’s to think about? There has been some speculation that these bulbs can release mercury into a room if they are broken, which may be a reason why some have been hesitant to switch over. A scientific study at the Health Protection Agency shows that the amount of mercury is so small (only enough to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen) that it is not harmful. So, no excuses now…

springtimer304. Use timers. Whether you’re leaving your lights on to make people think you’re home when you’re not for safety reasons or you’re falling asleep while studying into the late hours of the night, you may want to put your lights on a timer to turn off automatically at the time that you set. If you think you’re technologically impaired… here you go. Instructions. No excuses now either.

And may I take this opportunity to offer some advise…If you are splitting your electric bill with roommates, no matter how close you may be to them, make sure you all agree ahead of time in writing exactly what portion of the bill you will be paying each month, however you want to divide it up. This may seem unnecessary, but it can save you a lot of problems in the future. This way, there is no room to question anything.

So, now that I’ve helped you save a whole bunch on your future electric bills, feel free to send your savings my way. Okay, great, thanks.


2 Responses

  1. But those energy light bulbs are expensive. How long dows it take before I”ll see real savings?

  2. Good question! In many states, you can use mail-in rebates or special in-store discounts to help make the bulbs more affordable. The light bulbs last much much longer than regular ones and they will pay for themselves after about six months of use.


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