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trick or treat


With Halloween less than a week away, students are scrambling to find last minute costumes. No doubt there will be pimps, beer wenches, Spartans, sailors, cowgirls, and 4,738 referees in scantily clad outfits. Most popular costumes of the year by my predictions? Michael Jackson, Kate Gosselin, Miley Cyrus and Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

katewig.0.0.0x0.333x363While some of these costumes may catch your eye, you’re probably not going to be the only pirate at the party and purchasing the outfit from most halloween stores is going to set you back a pretty penny. Even relatively simple costumes that don’t include any accessories can run for about $40 to $50…for something you’re probably only going to wear one, maybe two nights this weekend (and let’s face it, you’re not going to wear it again next year, no matter what you say). Solution to this dilemma? Get creativeeee…

Whether you make your costume from scratch, or just buy a couple of cheap accessories to add to things you already have, you’re probably going to be saving yourself a lot of money and you’re more likely to have a unique costume that’s going to impress and maybe even win you a best costume or two.

One thing you could do is find a Goodwill near you to find inexpensive clothing and accessories. You will need to get a little more creative than just picking up a prepackaged costume from a rack in a halloween store, but it’ll be worth every penny you’re saving. Some stores even have “costume consultants” on hand to help you put your creativity into gear. Since you’re probably only going to be wearing many of the things you buy once anyway, why not pay significantly less for a used item that is probably in just as good condition?

(Does this anchor not look like Paula Abdul?)

There are also a ton of great websites out there offering ideas on how to make your own costume. While this may be a bit more time consuming and you might have to spend a bit on supplies, it will most likely be cheaper than anything you could find in a store and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re the only one with your get-up.

This site offers a lot of good suggestions. There’s a whole section on ideas for costumes made out of cardboard boxes (and they’re not half bad either).

Looking to make a tutu for that frat party?

…or maybe not…

And what would Halloween be without party decorations? Instead of buying fake cobwebs and bowls of halloween-cover1candy with moving hands in them, check out this website for some ideas on how you can make your own decor. They’re easy and cheap and sure to get your friends talking.

Happy Halloween!

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