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Can I borrow your notes?

You go to class everyday and you sit in the front row and take diligent notes. Your hard work is bound to pay off when it comes to your g.p.a., but what if it could pay off in a different way?

With GradeGuru.com and other websites like it, this may be possible. By signing up using your Facebook account, you can upload notes that you are already taking anyway and get paid to do it.

Taking good notes in class can pay off.

Each time you upload your notes and other students download them, you earn points which translate into money put directly into your PayPal account. You can upload using almost any standard format and can even scan your actual handwritten notes. While the amount you are paid depends on how many notes you upload and how many other students download your work, the average set of notes can earn you about $50.

There are several other websites with a similar idea. Babson College graduates createdKnetwit.com, which allows you to upload your notes and download them from others for free. Points earned for every download come out to about four cents each and users can transfer the points into cash once they reach $10.

is another option.

A slightly more controversial website is PostYourTest.com , where students can share answers to test questions after they have been handed back. Users can remain anonymous, but the idea raises questions about plagiarism and cheating and pay pose some problems for professors. The difficulties with PostYourTest and other sites are apparent, but is there a way to prevent them with the up-and-coming popularity of this technology? Does the good outweigh the bad? You decide.



9 Responses

  1. thats so interesting i never knew that, i type up all my notes anyways and had no idea i could be paid for them.

  2. I don’t know that I like this idea. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting paid for posting my notes…but I don’t like that other people can just not go to class and mooch of the work of other people like that. I think anything to promote going to class as much as possible is best, because those notes may not be perfect, and who wants to be blamed for giving out information that impacts other people’s grades? I mean I just don’t see how these posted notes can be regulated if a teacher doesn’t view them first and say they are good like how they do it with UConn’s notetaking organization.

  3. This is a great post – I never knew about this either. I always have my laptop with me in class and it makes sense to get paid for all of the notes I take!

  4. Wow! i’ve never heard of this type of site before. kind of cool, although i don’t think i would use it…i feel like what would end up happening is i’d post my notes (because im that obnoxious student who never misses class), and all the lazy people would benefit from me and i wouldnt get anything in return. hahaha

  5. Wow, what an awesome concept. That’s really cool. Good job explaining what the site actually does.

  6. I’d think about it, but then I’d have to actually take notes, which isn’t exactly my forte.

  7. This was interesting, I’ve never heard about a site like this. My roommate was just telling me that there is one girl in her major who NEVER goes to any classes and always posts on huskyct asking people for the notes. I’m gonna tell my roomie about this haha.

  8. I wouldn’t ever actually pay someone for their notes, but I definitely like this idea as I hardly ever take notes anymore, and there have been times when I wish I hadn’t been so stubborn and actually realize I should have taken notes. With websites like these I wouldn’t have to worry! Now if I knew I could get paid to take notes, being as broke as I am right now, I just might change my ways. Hmmm…

  9. Very interesting opportunity for students! I used to work as a note taker at the college I transferred from and thought getting paid for my notes was the greatest. I was certainly unaware of the wesbite options for note-taking.

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