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Learn in your pajamas…for free!

You’re taking a full course load and you don’t have the time or money to fit in that class on the history of the compact fluorescent light or magic, witchcraft and the spirit world.


What if you could take classes like these online for free? At www.top-colleges.com you can. They offer 45 “fun and free” courses

You can take a class on bubbles through CalTech

through prestigious universities that you can take at your own pace. All you need is iTunes on your computer and you can listen to lectures whenever you get a spare moment. They may not be the most mainstream of topics, but there is sure to be at least one class on that list you are somewhat interested in and it’s free so why not? There is even a class on how to eat for less money in college through Oregon State University (which I now just decided to take).

These aren’t the only kind of classes available. Courses range from world issues, environment and science, and robots and technology to creativity and health and wellness. You can learn about the technological and ethical aspects of nuclear warfare in an online course offered by Notre Dame, or STI prevention through Johns Hopkins or even learn about chaos and why it exists from MIT.



3 Responses

  1. That’s pretty cool and I definitely hadn’t heard anything about that. Not that I’d necessarily look for reasons to take on additional classes, but some of the topics seem crazy enough that they could be fairly entertaining.

  2. It’s a novel idea and the fact that it’s free is good, but I feel like most kids are too busy to take extra classes on the side. Good use of links throughout the post.

  3. interesting story. It’s pretty amazing that all you need is a internet connection and you can learn some valuable info. good post.

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