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Laundry Blues

Laundry is expensive, but if you don’t want to chase away the opposite sex or any friends you might already have, you’ve got to do it. Many college students wait until they go home to wash their clothes, which can save some of their own money, but sometimes you just can’t wait or you live too far. What to do, what to do?

Problem: A load of laundry costs what?! In many dorm rooms and apartment complexes, laundry will cost around $1.25 for both the washer and dryer separately!
Solution: Unless you’re handwashing your clothes (which I am willing to bet you are not, especially with large loads) you can’t avoid using the washing machine, but you can cut out the dryer. Instead of using the drying machine, hang your clothes on a clothes line or shower curtain rod in your room or hang them individually over chairs. If you’re not paying money for your washers and dryers, you can still save on your electric bill by drying loads back to back without giving the dryer time to cool down (if you have to use the dryer, that is.)

Use a clothesline instead of a dryer to save money on each load

Problem: Dryer sheets and detergent are too expensive!
Solution: Cut your dryer sheets in half, it will still do the trick and you’ll be using half as much. Instead of fabric softener, use about 1/3 cup of plain white vinegar in the rinse cycle. It’s cheap and easy. As for detergent, buy it in bulk at Costco or BJ’s or a wholesale store like them. Don’t be afraid to buy the knock-off store brands–they’re usually the same thing with just a different label.

Problem: Stain removers really break the bank!
Solution: Try using Dawn dish detergent on your stains instead of that more expensive stain removers. This way is much cheaper and will last a lot longer—and you need it anyway!


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