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Saving on gas may be as simple as changing your driving style

Whether you’re driving to class every morning, or driving to an internship (like I am–40 minutes away from my apartment!)–you’re going to have to shell out money each week to feed your car so it can get from place to place. Of course there are the obvious solutions to limiting the amount that comes out of your wallet–like carpooling with a friend or a roommate, or creating your class schedule so you only have class a few days per week–but beyond that, you might be feeling stuck.

Is the price of gasoline really dragging you down? Follow these helpful tips to make your driving more efficient.

But what if it was the way that you drove that could make all the difference?

Opentravelinfo.com offers some helpful tips to make the gas in your tank go further.

1. Your car uses the most gas when you accelerate, which can be a problem if you’re driving all herky-jerky in traffic, or racing between speed bumps. Instead, make sure you keep your driving smooth try not to break when traffic slows down a little. Instead, make sure you keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you and only slow down if you have to. If you aren’t braking hard and slowing down your car too much, you won’t have to accelerate as much once traffic picks up again, saving you more money than you would think over time. This idea is even more important if you are driving a hybrid car.

2. The hot weather isn’t really necessarily relevant right now depending on where you live in the country, but it will be soon. Rolling down the windows does make your car slightly less–aerodynamic–and makes your car slightly-less gas friendly, but what really takes a toll on the tank is the air conditioner. Turn it on low when you have to use it and try to park in the shade if you can so when you get back in the car, your car doesn’t need to work as hard to cool it down.

3. Use cruise control if there is little traffic–it will keep you at a steady speed so you won’t be accelerating too much, helping you to save on gas.

4. Drive slower. It is proven that driving faster will increase the drag on your car and use up more fuel. So while you may not like this tip all that much, if you really want to save gas, this may be one of the best things you can do.

5. If you’re driving long distances on the highway, it may be helpful to follow in the slipstream of cars and trucks in front of you. There is a certain amount of pull that vehicles create at high speeds that will help to pull you along a little bit if you are following fairly close behind. But be careful! Following so close might be a safety hazard and the risk might not be worth it.

6. Pick a different travel route that has less traffic so that you will have a smoother ride.

7. Get a more fuel efficient car. Some cars just simply get better gas mileage than others–look into trading in your car if it is becoming a real problem.